What my day stuck in the airport taught me about life.

What my day stuck in the airport taught me about life.

“This is ridiculous.”

“Are you going to get me a new flight?!”

“I’m sick of this.”

“Do you have any idea what I’ve been through today?”

These are all various things I have heard today directed toward American Airlines.

I’m currently sitting in the Dallas/Fort Worth airport waiting for my next flight to go home. I was supposed to arrive in Missouri around 2 today, but because of various issues with the airline I missed my flights/they’ve been delayed, etc. and I’ve been stuck in the airport all day.

So needless to say that I’ve had a lot of time to observe people and just… think. I arrived at the Salt Lake airport at 6 and stood in line for an hour until I finally got my bag checked. Then security took 25 minutes leaving me running to my gate just in time…

…for the doors to close. And the plane to sit there for a while before it takes off. All the while I’m sitting watching as it goes by. Without me in it.

Luckily, the agent who helped me find another flight was understanding and got me on a flight for later in the day.

But this is not a post to complain. Really. I promise. It’s actually a post to share my thought process that I went through from my day in the airport.

I’m not going to lie that there have been moments where I have been frustrated. Not to the point where I was yelling at anyone, though. In fact, I found myself to be feeling oddly patient considering all that was happening. But I can’t say that for others. I have witnessed my share of people who have been VERY angry and have not been afraid to express it.

I don’t normally express my anger when I have it since that is not my personality. But I also wasn’t extremely angry because things could have been worse and I decided to take this as an opportunity to have a positive attitude rather than get upset over something I couldn’t really control.


We expect things to go flawless for us and then when they don’t we become angry and demand to be compensated for our misery.

Now I don’t fly with American Airlines that much so I don’t know if all the problems they had today was normal or just a fluke.

But I do know that sometimes things like this JUST HAPPEN. They are not in our control. And while it may be easy for us to blame those who we THINK have control, that doesn’t do anything for us.

After hearing many people yell and become angry, I did start to feel sorry for those attendants because it’s not like they were intentionally trying to ruin their customers’ lives.

It made me realize how our society has become rather entitled. We expect things to go flawless for us and then when they don’t we become angry and demand to be compensated for our misery.

What if instead of feeling entitled in situations like these, we looked at the blessings and good that can come from it?

What if when we miss our flight due to reasons that are not our fault, we appreciate how the airlines are willing to work with us (especially because we are usually the only person in the entire airport that is having these issues) to find another flight? What if when our flight is delayed we take it as an opportunity to accomplish something on our to-do list or even just read a book or do something for yourself? What if when we are stuck in the airport all day, we use it as an opportunity to get to know others and THEIR story instead of dwelling on our own? What if we tried to step outside of our little personal pity party and made a friend instead?


 So instead of whining when things don’t go our way, why don’t we embrace when things don’t go our way?

Even though I didn’t get home when I originally wanted to, I don’t regret the experience I’ve had. I got to accomplish some things that were weighing on me. I made friends with a lady from Illinois. I had chocolate milk for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I established that I really do hate Dijon Mustard (ick) so now I don’t have to ever taste it again. I saw a stunning sunset with a full orange moon on the horizon. I got to see a way cool lightning show from 30,000 feet up in the air. And I got to think more about life and ultimately write this blog post.

So instead of whining when things don’t go our way, why don’t we embrace when things don’t go our way? Life is an adventure and if everything went according to plan all the time then imagine how boring life would be. It would be so… predictable. We wouldn’t get opportunities to choose happiness in the midst of unpleasant circumstances.

If nothing else, when it comes to flying and dealing with airports, then just remember how cool it is that you even get to sit in a heavy metal machine that weighs around 150,000 pounds, has wings that look like a bird, and just happens to hover 30,000 feet above the ground for a couple of hours and then glide down to land you safely to where you want to go so you don’t have to drive or walk there.

That, my friends, is a luxury that I think is pretty darn cool.