This Post Is Dedicated To My Mama

This Post Is Dedicated To My Mama

MOM. I have something to tell you. It’s serious. So talk when I’m done. D-O-N-E done.

Today is Mother’s Day of 2016. I don’t have an amazing story to share or this amazing experience that changed my life.

Instead, I have an amazing person. An amazing person that shaped my life and me into who I am today. That person is my mother. That person is you.

If only I could express properly the love I have for you, Mom. It’s amazing to me to think how I was so blessed to be placed with the mother that I have. You are perfect for me. I want to share 3 amazing things that you have given me and taught me throughout my life.

1. Your Endless Sacrifice

I don’t remember a day when you weren’t serving me. I’m not even kidding. From the beginning of the day when you would try to get me out of bed for seminary (I’m still sorry about that) to the end of the night when you would let me talk your ear off even though you were struggling to stay awake, you always gave your time to me.

You’d help me with my homework, you’d support me in my crazy busy schedule of all the activities I was in and would always be there at any performance or game I was in.

It was really hard when I was out on my own because I thought I was going to never have that again. You remember those talks.

But I was so wrong. Just because I am supposed to be a grown up (whatever that really means) I don’t have to completely let go. You will always be my mom. You will always be there for me when I struggle and need advice (and I always will..).

I will never forget your unconditional love for me when I went away to college. It’s amazing to think that literally 5 years ago I was a young 19 year old girl who was struggling to simply function and not only get through each day, but even the night. As I’m sure you vividly remember, many of those first nights I woke up with a panic attack and simply didn’t know what to do other than to pray and call my mom.

And you would still answer at 3 o’clock in the morning and calm me down enough for me to fall back asleep. Moving away from my friends, my family, and everything that I knew and called home to this little town in Idaho where I didn’t know anyone was the hardest thing for me. I talked to you every day. You always would give me the boost I needed.

The amount of time that you have spent on me (and will probably still spend) has probably equaled more than the amount of your lifetime (yeah I know that doesn’t make sense but its an exaggeration to show that you have given me A LOT of your time). The thing is that I know you wouldn’t change it for anything and I’m so grateful and indebted to you for that. It’s amazing to trust someone enough to know they will always love you.

2. The Power of Prayer

We all have struggles in our lives. I’m sure many of us go to our moms in the midst of those struggles. I definitely do which I’m sure you’ve learned over the years.

I remember I would be going through a hard time or have a decision to make about something and then go to you and the first thing you would ask is “have you prayed about it?”

I’m not going to lie that my teenage self got frustrated with that sometimes because I just wanted you to fix it. I’m guilty that I would then make sure that I would pray about it just so I could answer yes to you when you asked that.

But now I am so grateful that you would always ask me that because whenever I am struggling with something that is the first thing that pops into my head to do and it has helped me so much.

Your faith has always been so inspiring and encouraging to me. You know that God knows what’s best and you are always willing to talk with me and help me in whatever way you can. I know God has answered many of my prayers through you.

3. Your Love of God

This last point I wanted to share about you, mom, is your amazing love for God. Watching you sacrifice your time and energy to serve Him in His church as well as your family and your career has never ceased to amaze me.

You value your relationship with your Heavenly Father so much and want to serve Him and do your best. It has been such a wonderful example to me that I could do better at serving God and His children. Your unwavering faith has taught me so much and I know that your example has helped shape me into the person I am today. You have helped encourage me to develop my own personal relationship with my Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ.

These three points are only just a few of the numerous things that you have taught me and done for me. Mom, I love you with all my heart. I am so glad that our Heavenly Father sent me to be your daughter. I hope to one day be the mother to my children that you are to me.

D-O-N-E done. (inside joke)

P.S. It’s seriously pathetic how we have like no pictures of just the two of us.