Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Note: The posts before this post are from older blogs that I wanted to transfer over.

The Happy Kitten, eh?

You may be thinking “so is this a blog about kittens then?”. Nah, it’s about me. My life. My thoughts. My desires. I just really love cats and being happy so I thought The Happy Kitten was a good fit. For those that really know me would think so, too. (Although that doesn’t mean it won’t stop me from random cat posts here and there.. )

I already have a website, but it’s my portfolio/business and there’s been too many times that I’ve thought I really want to write a blog post about this or that. Oh wait – it doesn’t have anything to do with photography or design. Maybe I can skew it a bit..? Maybe not. But it’s my life so it shouldn’t matter. But it’s my portfolio and I need to keep it in line with my niche. Gosh I don’t know… After battling with myself for a while I just end up not posting it.

Then came last December (2014) when I had a distinct feeling to start writing in my journal. I’ve written in my journal off and on through the years, but more out of force than desire. But something exciting in my life was happening in December and I started to gain the desire to write in my journal so that I could remember it. Little did I know that later down the road I was going to rely so much on writing in my journal and find it incredibly therapeutic.

I was going through a really difficult time at the beginning of the year and found myself reverting back to writing in my journal when I felt alone. During this time I was thinking a lot about life and really needed to get it on paper. Boy can I tell you it felt SO good. And what’s even greater is that I now can look back and read through those entries and remember what I learned. I have really gained a testimony of keeping a record of your life!

Needless to say that I have decided to just give in and start another blog. Kind of like a lifestyle blog, so to speak. One that I can post about inspirational thoughts that I have and want to share with the world. I love finding happiness in everyday things and I want to share that with the internet and whomever comes across this blog.

I’ve had a lot of experiences in my life – some good and some very trying. I’ve learned a LOT from these experiences and I feel like I have a duty to share with others what I’ve learned because there are others going through similar stuff. So many people have helped me throughout my life and it’s time that I pay it forward. Yeah I realize a blog is kind of a weird way of paying it forward, but it’s something that I feel like I can do and need to do. There’s been people who have inspired me from things that they write so I know it’s possible.

So here it is. My happy and hopefully inspiring lifestyle blog that will share my love of the moments in life and finding joy even in the difficult times. I hope you can enjoy it and in turn want to inspire others as well.

Welcome to me. :)

(Now just imagine me cutting a big red ribbon with very large scissors to help solidify the opening of this new blog..)