Our Snowshoeing Adventure

Our Snowshoeing Adventure

The best thing happened to me back at the beginning of March. I had just went to The Cheesecake Factory to celebrate my sister-in-law’s birthday so needless to say I came back to my apartment rather satisfied. I was in my room just planning on editing some pictures or watching some tutorials (yeah nerd status) until my roommate said someone was at the door for me.

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Yeah it was so great. She worked with my brother and everything to get me to take off Monday from work. I didn’t even think twice about it. He came up with a good reason like there was a really good deal at the slopes only on that Monday and him and his wife were going to take personal days and so I should get off too (okay now that I write it out it shows how gullible I am). Well I went along with it expecting to go snowboarding with them but then this happened. It was for me to go snowboarding with Alisa.

Well we decided to not go snowboarding because it was rather warm for March and we thought the snow wouldn’t be the best. So we chose to go snowshoeing! Have we ever been snowshoeing? Nope. Was it fun? Heck yes. Not to mention it was gorgeous and sooo nice to be outside. One of my all time favorite things is being outside and this was no exception.

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Such a great weekend :)