“Am I Doing Something Wrong?”

“Am I Doing Something Wrong?”

Maybe you don’t have your dream job right now but you are applying and applying to tons of jobs.

Maybe you are trying to be social and going to events to make friends but you don’t feel like you are connecting with anyone.

Maybe you’re not as in shape as you would like to be even though you are doing the things they (whoever “they” are) tell you to do.

Then there’s the one that I know a lot of you are thinking (whether you want to admit it or not).. Marriage. You may find yourself asking: WHY haven’t I found the one yet? WHAT am I doing wrong? I am sure that many, if not most, single people have come across this point in their dating lives. I sure have. Dating can be fun and great, but it can also be frustrating. Frustrating because you feel that you are doing everything you can to make something happen, but then nothing does. So you start blaming yourself and thinking that there is something wrong with you because you see it working out for others so why not you? Especially if you feel you are living the way that God wants you to live and doing the things God wants you to do.

How many times do we think that because our circumstances may not be ideal that it means we are doing something wrong? Maybe we don’t feel this way all the time, but I know in some cases we feel this. We have all experienced situations like this in our lives in one way or another.

But what if you aren’t doing anything wrong? What if you are actually doing things right?

What if there is a reason – no, MULTIPLE reasons that you are not being blessed with the things that you want in this time in your life?

Just because we haven’t received certain blessings yet doesn’t mean that we are doing something wrong.

One thing I have learned from life is that there are seasons. Circumstances aren’t permanent. Life changes. The only constant thing in our lives is change. No matter how much we want things to stay one way forever, they won’t. Things have to change so that WE can change.

What I love about the various seasons in my life is that I have learned SO MUCH. About life. About me. About God.

The ironic thing of this all is the fact that during these seasons in my life where particular blessings were being withheld, I was actually still being blessed. Just in a different way than maybe I wanted.

What if instead of being blessed with that job you want you are blessed with skills from you current job that you wouldn’t have received otherwise?

What if instead of being blessed with really close friends you have to spend some time alone and end up getting to know and really finding yourself so that you could be ready to make some really great friends in the future?

What if instead of being blessed with a spouse you are being blessed by making friends that you wouldn’t have received otherwise? (I’ve had 42 DIFFERENT roommates since I started college and I’ve learned so much from all of them and have made some lasting friendships from them.) Also, what if you are blessing others in one way or another by being single at this time in your life?

Not being immediately blessed with the righteous desires of our hearts can actually be a huge blessing itself that can bring showers of blessings we never even fathomed we would need or want.

I encourage you to cherish each moment. Don’t let moments go to waste because you are wishing for other moments ahead. Because, who knows, wasting these moments could have an affect on those future moments. God has a plan for each one of us and He knows what He is doing. Don’t doubt Him!

Remember, just because you are not currently receiving the blessings that you want doesn’t mean that you are doing something wrong. It also doesn’t mean that you still aren’t receiving blessings. They may just be in an unexpected way.

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  • Today was a day of love, patience, and enduring to the end. My life has been enlightened with those words about why we need to look at the blessings in life. I love your sentence that states “Just because we haven’t received certain blessings yet doesn’t mean that we are doing something wrong” that gave me peace of mind of life. Continue your writings.

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